Quick start guide

Want to create a game with Sandbox Adventure?

You can find a quick demo explaining a little bit more what Sandbox Adventure can do.
The asset manager and the story editor of this demo are accessible here.

Since this page is accessible by everybody without password and we are -almost- not crazy, no modification will be saved. So feel free to click on any button. If we did it right, it should not mess up anything.

You can not yet create your own project without our intervention. But, if you want to start working on a new game with this editor, feel free to contact us. We will quickly set up your project and send you information about how to connect to the admin panel of your project.

Once connected, you should start by creating assets so you can use them later in the story editor:

You should create at least one chapter, one location and one character before starting editing the story.

If you have other question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Alternatively, if you already made a game with a Ren'Py or are working on a project, you can read the following tutorial:

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